Kitchen Remodeling From Son Plumbing, Inc.

We at Son Plumbing, Inc., provide plumbing, gas and venting for a variety of appliances for a kitchen remodel. Here is a list of what we can offer in a kitchen remodel:

Installation of gas for cookstoves and ovens with the installation of these appliances

Installation of stove hoods with venting

Installation of Pot-fillers for stoves

Installation of new water lines and drain lines as needed

Installation of all types of quality-grade sinks

Installation of all kinds of quality-grade faucets

Installation of dishwashers

Installation of disposals

Installation of ice maker lines with shut-off valves

Kitchen Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add a gas stove to an all-electric home?

Yes, propane is an option or natural gas where available. We at Son Plumbing, Inc. have a Master Gas Fitter that is also MPGA Certified (Missouri Propane Gas Association) that does all the gas work according to code regulations with the proper permits and inspections (where available).

Is there an alternative to an electric stovetop if gas isn’t practical?


What size of garbage disposal should I install in my newly remodeled kitchen?

Most homes ½-horsepower disposal will work fine. If there is a lot of cooking, then we may recommend upgrading to a ¾-horsepower or 1-horsepower disposal.

Is it necessary to have a stove hood?

We at Son Plumbing, Inc. go by code requirements and the specific appliance’s manufacturer recommendations.