Bathroom Remodels

In our bathroom remodels we tear-out and remove ALL old plumbing. Our bathroom remodels are new inside and out, using the highest quality products available, so the customer doesn’t have to worry about leaks! We don’t cover up problems WE SOLVE THEM!

See our Frequently Asked Questions about our bathroom remodeling projects below:



A: An appointment will be set up through our office to visit with the customer and discuss exactly what the customer would like in a bathroom remodel and the particular fixtures they would like.

A: Depending on how extensive the bathroom remodel is depends on how much time it takes. Most bathroom remodels take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

A: It is a code requirement in Missouri to either have an exhaust fan or an operable window for venting.

A: Toilets are now regulated by the EPA to only use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. We at Son Plumbing, Inc. recommend the top-rated toilet, which is the “Toto” brand. Its performance is much better than any other toilets.
A: We recommend the Delta brand, they hold up better than any other brand. Most all of their faucets come with a “lifetime” factory warranty, and parts are easy to obtain.

A: Sixty inches is the standard up to 8 to 10 feet, as long as there is room to accommodate the cabinet.

A: Frame-less glass shower is not framed in, so there are no metal edges on the glass itself.

A: The choices are endless; it is truly the preference of the customer.

A: Son Plumbing would set up a time and review the customer’s options based on their wants and needs.  We will then determine if the bathroom remodeling design could work according to code specifications.

A: It depends, if it is a sewer smell, it could mean that the shower trap is dry, or there is no shower trap. Contact Us and we can schedule an appointment to investigate.

A: Most tile showers will need a complete tear-out to the studs and will be completely redone. It is labor intensive and parts are expensive.

A: It depends on the tub. If the tub is in good condition then tub refinishing can be an option, but most of the time they are not in good condition and need to be torn out. Refinishing any surface does not last long.

A: It is absolutely necessary to replace the shower valve! At Son Plumbing, Inc., when we do a bathroom remodel we replace everything behind the walls with new plumbing and fixtures so there will be no problems for years to come.

A: A complete tear-out and haul away all old material. We then set a new pan and rebuild walls. Installation of new plumbing and faucet(s). New drain and piping for the shower unit. New material (there are many choices) installed on the shower walls and then the finish-trim pieces for the faucet, and new shower doors. Many customers also have seats built in, shampoo holders and/or grab bars for handicap or senior living accessibility.

A: Many times there are ways to move fixtures around to make more room. Several times we have opened up into a closet and made bathrooms much bigger.

A: Wood flooring is not recommended for bathrooms because of constant high humidity levels and the risk of water damage. Tile is a good choice and there is now waterproof vinyl flooring made out of PVC that many people are going with. This flooring comes in many different varieties and water will never damage the floor.